Review: Dudley and the Toy Keeper’s Chest


Dudley, the sweet stuffed sheep, discovers inner strength and courage in this delightfully dark children’s storybook. I truly enjoyed the rhythm of the poetic tale that pulls the reader through, word by word. Author Patrick Algermissen holds nothing back, letting darkness and fear come through in a surprisingly enjoyable way. I quite imagine this to be a very entertaining storytime read in my brother’s first grade classroom, where I have donated this gorgeous book. Continue reading “Review: Dudley and the Toy Keeper’s Chest”

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Review (…sort of…): The Echoing by Jessica Blackburn

Yesterday, I eluded to a special book that I found in my garage-sale adventures. This book was it. It caught my eye immediately by the cover – I promise I will get to the whole issue of me judging books by their covers later – but I instantly recognized Oneonta Gorge, a beautiful hiking area leading to an incredible waterfall in my area.

The seller only wanted one dollar for it, and I’m telling you, this book was brand new. I had to have it, if only for the locale depicted on the front. As I walked up to pay for it, a very pleasant man said, “Oh, you found the Easter egg in our little sale. Do you know the story behind this book?” Continue reading “Review (…sort of…): The Echoing by Jessica Blackburn”


Review: Dear White People by Justin Simien

I can still remember when my son entered kindergarten, and came home so excited on his first day. The first thing he said to me was, “Mommy, I have a BROWN girl in my class!”

The innocent observation by my five-year-old smacked me upside my redneck white girl face. Growing up in a predominantly (at that time) white rural community, I was not as cultured as I held myself to be. My “world view” was out of a narrow window in a mountain town whose populace was, due to lack of sun and pigment, a similar shade to the snow-covered peaks we were able to enjoy four or five months out of the year. In a matter of seconds, my sweet boy had unknowingly called me to the carpet for my white privilege. Continue reading “Review: Dear White People by Justin Simien”


Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

As you look back on your life, do you see forks in the road – clear points in time where you made a decision and left another possible life behind? For Jason Dessen, a college physics professor, those abandoned possibilities are about to catch up with him. Dark Matter is a dark quantum physics thriller woven with an intimate story of love lost – and the lengths one goes to regain it.

Continue reading “Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch”