“So many books, so little time.” – Frank Zappa

I don’t remember my very first book, but I remember loving to read as far back as my memory allows. I have random fragments associated with reading. I remember March of Dimes read-athons, spelling bees, and library time with my grandmother. I can recall the smell of the public libraries I frequented with my grandmother, where she let me check out as many books as my tiny arms could carry (including books my mother wouldn’t let me read… Sorry, Mom!)

To-Eileen-from-MommieMy first book-specific memory comes from a very special Christmas when my grandmother purchased the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Jean Wilder. I had already read all of these books by age 8, struggling to understand some of the more grown-up concepts of love, marriage, and tragedy, but devouring them nonetheless. What made them special was the note inside them, hand-penned from my grandmother. It didn’t matter that I had read them. I would read them a hundred times more before they disappeared into the dust like childhood treasures often do, and each time, I would see her handwriting and feel a warmth in my heart that only comes from knowing a grandmother’s love.

This love of books has followed me throughout my life. As I come to an age where my children need me less, I find a riseĀ in the tide of that passion, so I have come here, to share this love with the world.

My dream is to someday own a bookstore of my own, a place where I can put that love on display in physical form. I want to bring you on a journey with me as my dream grows, expands, and begins to take on a life of its own.

You can always expect discussions on books, writing, publishing and book selling here. You might also learn about me, my family, and other hobbies. I am led by my emotions, and while I can channel a certain eloquence most of the time, it would only be fair to warn you that you might find the occasional angry rant or sharp sarcasm. One promise to my readers: I will always be myself.

I am excited to see where this adventure takes us. I hope you’ll join me. – LaRene