Review: Dudley and the Toy Keeper’s Chest


Dudley, the sweet stuffed sheep, discovers inner strength and courage in this delightfully dark children’s storybook. I truly enjoyed the rhythm of the poetic tale that pulls the reader through, word by word. Author Patrick Algermissen holds nothing back, letting darkness and fear come through in a surprisingly enjoyable way. I quite imagine this to be a very entertaining storytime read in my brother’s first grade classroom, where I have donated this gorgeous book.dudley

This is the kind of book that makes children become readers. It leaves them wanting more. The narration draws you into the conflict, waiting on bated breath for resolution. Add to that the brilliant illustrations of Kristen Pauline, and a mood is created that is perfect for capturing a young reader’s attention and heart. Now, if only I could find a Dudley toy… 🙂

I received this book free from Blue Juice, no review required, but it is my absolute pleasure to review and praise Dudley and the Toy Keeper’s Chest by Patrick Algermissen.

I am looking for more children’s books to recommend to my brother. What are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

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