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A Cut in My Gick

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Losing a loved one is a tricky thing. We all grieve so differently. I spent the evening with a relative the other night after his wife passed away, and this sweet, elderly man, even in grief, was intent on making us laugh. His constant attempts at humor were a delight. As time passed though, he became weary, and forgetful.

“All this has really put a cut in my gick,” he said. Just as he intended, we all laughed.

I don’t know what a gick is, or how it must feel to have it cut, but there was certainly a hitch in my giddup or a wrench in my gears this weekend. Consequently, I haven’t posted for a few days.

I am a big fan of dialect and idioms, so naturally, it made me wonder what other sayings people use to describe an obstacle or problem that throws their life and routine out of balance. What would you say?

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